Mass Media and Society | Temple University | Spring 2011 | Professor Renee Hobbs

Produced by the students enrolled in Renee Hobbs' Mass Media and Society class at Temple University, Spring 2011.

March, 2011 VIDEO: US Military Use Social Media for Propaganda
ESSAY: Propaganda Techniques Used in FOX News

21st Century Propaganda

Students develop an original multimedia project on a topic or issue related to the study of 21st century propaganda.

The Might of the Military Blockbuster by Aaron Kessler

Tabloid Junkie By Rachael Edwards

Video News Release, The Dark Side of News Dan Magerr

Political Talk Radio's Impact on Society By Ben Hyclak

Operation Mind Control: How street teams employ psychology to grow a brand by Nomi Leasure

The Media Gets Duped Project Media Hoaxes by Corrida Tutt

Government Propaganda and Our Youth by Gabe Ruggiero

VNRs, Creating Distrust in TV News by Carl Shelton

Guerilla Marketing by CB Dozor

Propaganda in Medicine by Chris Murphy

Neuromarketing by Natalie Cipolle

Misrepresentation of the Arab World by Kristina Kazanjian

Genetic Altercation by Patrick Coady

Street Teams and What Makes Them Successful by Linda Suh

American Government Sponsored Propaganda by Josh Widener

Propaganda use by the Government by Ryan Dragan

VNRs, Creating Distrust in the News by Carl Shelton

Charlie Sheen's Publicist Byron Parker
Whose war is this? Carl Graham
The Media and Celebrity Gossip by Juliette Monteleone
Grosir Amazon Plus by Doom Veloxe

Propaganda: State of Deception
A visual examination of Nazi propaganda in the 20th century
Learn more about process of doing college-level research here.
FINDING QUESTIONS. Brainstorm to identify the most important questions
to examine in an inquiry about 21st century propaganda.
Develop a Research Proposal
DUE: March 22
BEGIN THE JOURNEY. Build background knowledge about specific forms and types of 21st century propaganda.
Write a Precis
DUE: March 29
EVALUATE SOURCES. Compare and contrast two texts/interviews to discover how they are constructed and how they represent their subject.
Research Report 1
DUE: April 5
DEEPENING OUR QUESTIONS. Tackle more complex questions that test specific
hypotheses or explore particular issues of interest.
Research Report 2
April 12
SHARE WHAT WE HAVE LEARNED. Present ideas using print and multimedia to inform
different target audiences about our journey of exploration.
Final Report wirh
Multimedia Production Component
April 26


Overview.Working collaboratively, students compare and contrast two ads from the 2011 Superbowl using evidence from the textbook, the New York Times and other research sources.

Process. This week's assignment is a collaborative writing project. After reading Dominick Chapter 15 and working in collaboration with your partner, select two 2011 Superbowl ads. Use your research skills to learn more about the campaign. Then identify at least 7 concepts or ideas from the chapter that you can use to describe and analyze the ad. Working together, develop an outline of key ideas and decide who should write each part. Then compose your section and review/revise the work of your partner to produce a polished essay. Use good principles of design to layout your essay and embed videos of the ads you've selected or use other visual images to increase the visual appeal of your webpage.

Criteria for Evaluation
1. Your work is a thoughtful comparison-contrast analysis of an ad campaign that uses appropriate concepts from the course textbook, the New York Times and other sources to inform and enlighten readers who deepen their understanding of advertising and media economics by reading your webpage.
2. Your webpage uses a simple attractive design, with subheads and images.
3. You make effective use of summarizing, paraphrasing and direct quotation from multiple sources.
4. The webpage uses attributive tags and (author, date) citation with a works cited list in APA format.
5. The writing is polished and professional in tone.

Team members:
Rachael Edwards and Duvell Hill
Courtney Dozor and Kristina Kazanjian
Patrick Coady and Linda Suh
Ben Hyclak and Corrida Tutt
Gabe Ruggiero and Carl Graham
Dan Magerr and Chris Murphy
Aaron Kessler and Andrew Bodogh
Josh Defflibaugh and Nomi Leasure
Juliette Monteleone, Ryan Dragan and Josh Widener
Byron Parker, Natalie Cipolle
Carl Shelton and Joel Kolani

After you have completed the project, please click here to provide reflective feedback on the quality of your team's teamwork and collaboration.