While searching through online sources many websites and publications seem to not address the topic I have at hand. My topic of street teams and how they work might rely on mostly interviews with support from books and websites. Since I have had first hand street team work I will use some of my background experiences for research and interview a few people for more research. I plan to interview the head of the street team of Bridge Nine Records which is a street team I am currently working for. And one of the members of Jet Lag Gemini, also another street team I am currently working for.

I have set up a couple of questions I think would help in receiving the research I need for this project.
1. How important are street teams to your label/band? And do you think you would be less successful if you didn’t have one?
2. Why did your company/band choose to have a street team?
2. What do you think a successful street team is?
3. What is an unsuccessful street team?
4. What kind of training do you give your street teams? And if you do not give any training, do you think you can be as or more successful without training each member?
5. Are there any things you have learned from other street teams or from your past that has taught you how not to run your street team?
6. What are your overall goals with the street team you are running?
With the answers that I receive I hopefully will be able to use the answers and develop the answer of the question “In what ways do street teams train their staff so brands, products, and messages are absorbed by the public more than other propaganda groups? Is this training effective and does this make them successful?” I had at hand.
I like the idea that you're creating new knowledge by interviewing a practitioner, Linda. I would suggest adding a question to explore the ethical challenges associated with street teams---are there misleading or manipulative aspects to the work? Do people "burn out" because of the demands of the job?

I would have expected you to have done the interview and report his comments here. But you are getting started by identifying questions, so that's good. There is plenty of research on this topic - but you won't find it with the term, "street teams." To find the scholarly literature in this field, try using the search term, "guerilla marketing" -- and see if you can learn about the history of this type of persuasion, including why it's called this. Get a good marketing textbook to start learning about the experts in this form of persuasion. Then use a database that's specific to business to get more details. Also, please check out the NYT story from 2004 by Rob Walker entitled, "Hidden in Plain Sight Persuaders"