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The purpose of this site is to expose media’s propaganda. It acts as the puppeteer, using innuendos and gossip directed brutally towards Michael Jackson to attract, mislead and influence the attitudes of viewers like you.

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Michael Jackson:
Media’s Target & Your Entertainment

Michael Jackson has been a victim of scandalous gutter press harassment. Before you continue to take it form me, hear it from the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson.

As Consumers: Be careful what you digest
A diet is a plan that helps you cut back on what you take in by deposing the unnecessary and unhealthy things that are in no benefit to your body, no matter how tasty something may seem. If you were on a strict diet for a special occasion you would count the calories, fat or carbohydrates to balance your diet.

Think of your media consumption as an everyday diet. Everywhere around you, you’ll find tabloid junkie that is not beneficial to your diet. It may be juicy and appetizing but in the long run it only hurts your pocket and the person it’s targeting.

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Fiction or Factual?

It is important to know what you are consuming because our media industry has a 24-hour “news” cycle that runs laps around us. We need to stay in control by taking back our ability to critically and personally think for ourselves to ultimately filter out the propaganda from the information.

Think about the time periods when Michael Jackson was all over the news and in every magazine. Was our country going through anything we should have known more about? Of course, but instead of media filling you in on your world around you, it limited you to further hinder your knowledge on this victimized celebrity pop star.

Experts Fuel the Fire

The use of experts, like psychologists and doctors, is a clever tactic to help make propaganda even more convincing. In our society we look to and respect those who specialize in a certain area of expertise. Relating their faces with the information, fiction or factual, will make it easier for us to trust what media feeds us.

In Michael Jackson’s case, experts included facial surgeons who had never treated Michael Jackson, and yet offered expert diagnoses to compare and analyze pictures of Michael Jackson as a child to his adulthood. Psychologists would offer expert diagnosis on his mental health and reasons for his “behavior.” These results are simply their best judgments because they haven’t even met the man! So here you have these “experts” giving you an expert opinion on a person from consuming media propaganda themselves, observing Michael Jackson through the media’s depiction. This insults your intelligence. You are expect to be convinced that the “evidence” they provide of surgical tampering or a clinical disorder is one hundred percent valid, or at least credible enough to be considered.

This is an E! News report on the history of Michael Jackson’s face. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Brent Moelleken, who has never worked on Michael Jackson but has an “expert eye,” gives us insight on the many operations Jackson must have underwent.

In this next video clip, notice that the hostess, Renee Kohn asks the Transformational Coach and Licensed Psychologist Aleksandra Drecun questions that pertain to the actual clinical condition but be careful not to fail to realize that it is just a forced way to tie into recent claims about Michael; for example, “Patients that have been diagnosed with BDD and you said that sometimes it can go hand in hand with anorexia?” Her statements like, “some of theses behaviors were exhibited” suggesting that because Michael Jackson wore cosmetics and hats he fits the signs and symptoms, he and apparently millions of others.

“To buy it is to feed it.”

Michael Jackson wants nothing more than to enjoy his life his own way, but our society won't allow that. Yet he continues to give back to the world through his countless charities and help the children who are in need. He seeks love and respect and does not understand why it's so hard for the US press to, and I quote, "leave me alone". One would think that our media would want to portray a person of his true demeanor as a fresh of breath air, especially with all the crime and crookedness roaming our streets.

Quite the contrary, his passive and peaceful behavior gives the press more of a reason not to leave him alone. "Jacko Wacko" media sells because it's entertaining, it's amusing and it's in our culture to bully and point fingers at different people as long as they are not handicap in some way. The press won't even give Michael Jackson the benefit of the doubt of his skin condition, apparently he bleached himself.

Come one people! Use your brain.. I know you have it in you. Any credibility Michael Jackson has to rebuke accusations, the press dismisses and moves onto another one of his Hot Spots.

Throughout my research I questioned people about what they think and thought of Michael Jackson before and after his death in June 25, 2009. Majority reevaluated their earlier onion of him, a few kept to their thoughts, and the rest did not answer. Don't wait until it's too late or follow the bandwagon to shape your own opinion.!/rachael.a.edwards90/posts/2023915156140?notif_t=feed_comment

Innuendos in Cartoons

Here are a few Family Guy and South Park episodes that stood out to people who first thought of Michael Jackson appearing in popular cartoons. They make me sick.

What Viewers Like You Have to Say

Please help me with my Propaganda Project by leaving one honest comment to answer this question; What were your feelings / attitudes / first thought or judgment toward Michael Jackson before June 2009?!/rachael.a.edwards90/posts/2023846434422?notif_t=feed_comment

Please help me with my Propaganda Project by leaving one honest comment to answer this question; What were your feelings / attitudes / first thought or judgment toward Michael Jackson after June 2009?!/rachael.a.edwards90/posts/2023877595201?notif_t=feed_comment

What can you do?

It’s not too late to utilize your personal judgment! Ask yourself a few questions to keep your own thought process flowing. Follow this model, what would Michael Jackson do?

What exactly are you consuming?
Why do you need to know this information?
Motives. Is it out to inform or for the best of the society?
Justifiable. Non-bias and offers a counter argument.
Decide whether or not it is propaganda

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