For Research Report 2, you're free to select your own focus, depending on the specific project you're developing.

The purpose of this assignment is to make real progress on your project and report that progress in a public way on the wiki, so that others can comment, offer feedback and review.

Consumer and Expert, Rachael Edwards

Video News Release Annotated Bibliographies Dan Magerr

Hitler Youth VS. Nashi Russian Youth Group, Gabe Ruggiero

Charlie Sheen's Publicist by Byron

Marketing and Psychology Nomi Leasure

Media Hoaxes and Pranks, Corrida Tutt

Political Agenda in Medical Journalism, Chris Murphy

Kijong-dong Josh Widener

Rough Draft for Final Project by Carl Shelton

Rush Limbaugh's influence on the masses, Ben Hyclak

"Engineering" Public Relations, Patrick Coady

Is Battle LA Military PropagandaAaron Kessler