For Research Report 1, you're free to select your own focus, depending on the specific project you're developing.

The purpose of this assignment is to make real progress on your project and report that progress in a public way on the wiki, so that others can comment, offer feedback and review.

Some options include:
  • Write another precis to summarize a high-quality source
  • Read a couple of well-chosen articles from diverse sources, compare and contrast, and pull out specific direct quotes with page numbers and APA citation
  • Browse the Paley stacks and describe some of the materials you discover
  • Visit with a librarian and summarize the process of searching
  • Create an annotated bibliography of web sources (with hyperlinks) and offer a short comment (an annotation) explaining why each one will be useful (or not) to your project
  • Write a more detailed outline of the specific topics you'll be developing for your project
  • Conduct interviews or other forms of data-gathering to learn more about your topic


The Caricature, Rachael Edwards

VNR vs FCC Dan Magerr

Violence and Terrorism Carl Graham

Celebrity gossip and innuendo as news, Juliette Monteleone

Media Hoaxes and Pranks, Corrida Tutt

Misrepresentation By Use Of Language, Kristina Kazanjian

Street Teams and What Makes Them Successful, Linda Suh

Recruiting Within Schools, Ryan Dragan

Propaganda and Russian Youth Political Groups, Gabe Ruggiero

VNRs in the Government by Carl Shelton

The Military, Hollywood, and Children, Aaron Kessler

Melody Peterson on Pharmaceutical Advertising, Chris Murphy

North Korean Propaganda Appears on Popular Internet Social Media sites, Josh Widener

Charlie Sheen's Publicist Byron Parker

Neuromarketing Natalie Cipolle

Overbearing Engineering in Agriculture Patrick Coady