Rapper Eminem
Rapper Eminem

Eminem Rocks Super Bowl XLV

Eminem is the star of Super Bowl XLV, at least in some of the commercials played during the game. Eminem, one of the best rapper to date, starred in two commericals during the Super Bowl that we compared to one another. Eminem starred in a Brisked Iced Tea commerical and a Chrysler 200 commericial, both successful in their own ways.

Chrysler 200 Commercial

Chrysler 200
Chrysler 200
This commercial for the Chrysler 200 took place in Detroit Michigan. The segment of the population for this product appeals to the natives of that city. The commercial suggests that a city like Detroit knows the most about “the finer things in life.” This commercial compares the Detroit with other well known cites in America, to let it be know that this product is about where it is made as same as whom it is made for. Not only does this commercial attract the local consumers of Detroit, but as well as any consumers who would use the Chrysler 200 for personal use in general. The Chrysler 200 is advertised to the audience as a car of “luxury.” Even though the city was not up to par with the description of the car, the people who would buy this car either knew it was made for them or could use this car to fit their lifestyle.

Chrysler positioned the Chrysler 200 in the broad market, in this case during the Super Bowl, in a way that let it stand out from the other car advertisements. Without changing the actual product, Chrysler incorporated newly returned and highly popular Eminem and his unforgettable song “Loose Yourself.” Chrysler’s technique of using Eminem and his song in a commercial advertising the Chrysler 200 during the Super Bowl was no doubt a huge success. This commercial sparked a high volume of interest. Consumers shared it on social networking such as Twitter and Facebook and YouTube comment, which cause the buzz to spread quickly to a large number of people.

Brisk Iced Tea Commercial

Animated Eminem
Animated Eminem

Brisk Iced Tea is well known for its creativity with the change of its bottle cover art, and rapper Eminem is well known for his creativity on the microphone. It was no surprise that when the two came together for the commercial the creative boutique behind the commercial would do a great job. The creative boutique that worked on the ad creates a stylish and clever commercial that really lets Eminem let loose and I think definitely gets to the audience. There are tons of beverage commercials, let alone ice tea commercials, so it was important for the advertising team for the Brisk Iced Tea commercial chose the perfect time to release their commercial. Not only did they have a fun and colorful commercial, they worked with Eminem, considered the greatest rapper today, to get their message across even further. I think the medium used and its timing really makes this commercial a success because of its chose of celebrity and the way the video was put together.

Brisk Iced Tea is a selective demand ad because it wants its viewers to only drink their iced tea. The message presented is that Eminem likes Brisk Iced Tea because it allows him to be creative, making others believe that their iced tea can spark creativity. I think the message is successful because how creative the commercial is. Brisk Iced Tea’s theme is creativity and it uses that to its advantage.


Both commercials we chose to analyze used several techniques to appeal to their audience. They both took a creative approach to catch the attention of the likely consumers; featuring Eminem. He is the most beloved rapper today with his recent comeback, his hit new album, and 10 recent Grammy nominations. Both commercials utilized Eminem to depict his interest in each product; it was as if the commercials were actually about the rapper’s personal likes as apposed to simply advertising their products. The message was almost read, “This is what Eminem likes and supports, you should too.” In the Chrysler 200 commercial the scene took place in Eminem’s hometown and in the Brisk Iced Tea commercial Eminem clearly states that he doesn’t like doing commercials unless things go his way but at the end he expressed that he actually liked the product he was advertising.

The Brisk Iced Tea and Chrylser 200 commercials have much in common and a lot of differences that helped with their successful presentation. What made the two different was their target audience. Everyone was targeted to drink Brisk Iced Tea, while Chrysler's target audience was more for a mature audience. The target audience difference is shown, not just by its product, but also the presentation of the commercials. In the Brisk Iced Tea commercial Eminem is animated and does actions that are rather humorous in a way to get the audience's attention. The Chrysler 200 commercial appeals to the mature audience with its gritty and stylish presentation of Eminem driving around Detroit in the Chrysler 200. What is also different is the message of the two commercials. The message of the Brisk Iced Tea commercial was that drinking their beverage is a good way to both quench your thirst and possibly spark creativity. This is revealed through Eminem's speech about doing a commercial with Brisk because of his creative control. The message for Chrysler is that they remain to create top-notch cars despite of economic difficulties. This is revealed in the narration of the commercial explaining a consumer's demand for a worthy car. Both commercials use the same celebrity to get their message across, but both in different ways

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