PHASE 4: Research Paper 2

As a consumer, be careful what you digest.

Throughout my research I have found many who agree that Michael Jackson has been a target of tabloid harassment. This blog in particular mentions Jackson’s many allegations most of which are clearly ridiculous. Media has its own agenda, it’s a profit business after all, so its not so concerned with reflecting the truth but instead with what sells. If the media says that a grown man cannot have a teenage heart (have dreams, be shy, and enjoy the smaller things in life like climbing a tree) and be accepted by society then as consumers, we must believe that. We are expected to, and do, reject such behaviors that the media rejects because we grew to understand certain roles and ways of life in our society. If something or someone is out of our social norm, like Michael Jackson, we expect them to adapt or dismiss them completely. The main idea that this blogger is focused on is not questioning how fiction holds more interest than the truth, but why. It’s as though consumers do just that, consume as if they don’t have a clear, open, free mind to question these accusations for the past twenty years. As consumers, we seem to have lost the capacity to question the likelihood of what we’re reading. “What we are left with, are innuendos and cleverly fabricated stories” (Sara101mj, 2011).

Sara101mj, Initials. (2011, February 21). Is the story of michael jackson’s harassment the story of human nature? [Web log message]. Retrieved from

Take it from the Experts

I tried to chose the best videos that are the most convincing and form respected to sources to show how strong of an impact experts have on our consumers. Why think when they can do it for us, right?

Explaining: His Nose & Skin
This is an E! News report on the history of Michael Jackson’s face. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Brent Moelleken, who has never worked on Michael Jackson but has an “expert eye,” give us insight on the many operations Jackson must have underwent.

Explaining: Plastic Surgery and Anorexia, Body Dysmorphic Disorder
In this next video clip, notice that the hostess, Renee Kohn asks the Transformational Coach and Licensed Psychologist Aleksandra Drecun questions that pertain to the actually clinical condition but don’t fail to realize that it is just a forced way to tie into recent claims about Michael; for example, “Patients that have been diagnosed with BDD and you said that sometimes it can go hand in hand with anorexia?” Her statements like, “some of theses behaviors were exhibited” suggesting that because Michael Jackson wore cosmetics and hats he fits the signs and symptoms, he and apparently millions of other people.