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This wiki-space includes information on my 21st propaganda project on Charlie Sheen exposing Hollywood executives as "trolls". There is a link to my research paper and other links that support my project: readings & websites, videos, and research paper

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Charlie Sheen Winning Propaganda
In the past 3 months Charlie Sheen has made media and news headlines for his erratic behavior. During this time Charlie Sheen has coined the infamous phrase "I’m winning and you’re losing" as well as calling top executives at CBS trolls, which caused him to get fired from Two and a Half Men where Charlie made 2 million an episode. Charlie Sheen’s erratic behavior has shed new light on Hollywood and their executives. To “regular people” actors have always been depicted as the ones with all the money, power, and privilege. Thanks to Charlie Sheen the ugly truth has come out that actors are nothing more then puppets that only make a small percentage of what a show earns. Charlie Sheen made $2 million an episode on Two and A Half Men which most Americans would see as a lot but when you compare it to the estimated $50 million the show brings in and the executives split, $2 million is nothing.

In the beginning of Charlie Sheen's wild ride of exposing Hollywood's Propaganda the people viewed him as a misunderstood martyr and supported him whole-heartedly because he was exposing the evil truth behind Hollywood. Charlie Sheen's rants in the beginning of his "torpedo of truth" were funny with a little bit of sick humor but the people empathized with his cause so they ignored the fact that his rants were due to his increased drug-use. As Charlie Sheen's rants continued they stopped being funny and honest and garnering support from people; instead the focus turned to Mr. Sheen's apparent diminishing health due to heavy drug use like meth and crack. People became more concerned with Charlie Sheen's state of mind and health that it slightly affected his credibility on the evilness of Hollywood Propaganda.

The one flaw in Charlie Sheen's argument of the evilness of Hollywood Propaganda is that he is technically the poster child for it because he is practically untouchable. An average person could not openly talk about the drugs he is taking and not have been arrested or not have had the cops come in and search their home. A regular person could not act erratic and have a dangerous lifestyle and their children not be taken away from them by child services. AS well as talking about drugs openly and not have been arrested and continuing to party with his toddler children in the home, Charlie Sheen got arrested for threatening his wife Brooke Mueller on new year’s while in aspen with a knife on her throat. Charlie Sheen did get arrested for domestic abuse like a normal person but what is not so normal is that he did not get charges brought to him, he never spent any time in jail, and the only punishment was he had to go to therapy. Even though Charlie Sheen has been fighting the misconception of Hollywood Propaganda; Charlie Sheen epitomizes the Hollywood Propaganda.

__Public Interview of Charlie Sheen/Video__

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Propaganda: Charlie Sheen Publicist

Charlie Sheen has been exposing Hollywood Propaganda through the website Ustream.com. Not only did Charlie Sheen get his point out to the world but also resurrected the website. Charlie Sheen used Ustream.com as the medium to broadcast his rants about the trolls (CBS executives) and this helped his cause because it was a way for his fans to see him, comment, and for Charlie Sheen to respond. The most popular rants that Charlie Sheen conducted through Ustream.com was how he is a great Messiah, which is why they should continue to support him. Due to these Ustream.com videos Charlie exposed top Hollywood executives like Chuck Lorre and how they conduct business as well as they treat actors “mindless slaves”. Since Charlie Sheen broke the Hollywood code and started exposing Hollywood Propaganda, CBS wanted to shut Mr. Sheen down so they did the only thing they could do which was fire Charlie Sheen. CBS fired Charlie Sheen because of his drug use and was not able to perform.

Publicist Video Clip

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New York Times Article About Charlie Sheen Ustream

The article about Charlie Sheen comes from the New York Times and it talks about how Charlie Sheen resurrected the website Ustream.com. Ustream first became popular by shadowing dogs and the website is a cross between YouTube.com and Skype.com (live streaming and online videos). Ustream.com was originally created in 2007 by actor John Ham and his partner and the reason it was created was to give military families a way to talk face- to-face. This way people felt more connected since they could stream live. Ustream is a privately held company that makes money from advertising, production services and premium content that makes money from advertising, production services and premium content like pay-per-view.
Ustream gained pop-culture popularity recently due to Charlie Sheen using Ustream.com as the medium to broadcast his rants about the trolls (CBS executives). Ustream.com and Charlie Sheen both benefited from one another because it was a way from his fans to see him, comment, and Charlie to respond. Ustream.com not only increased the number of members they had, but also advertisers. The reason Ustream.com does not mind Charlie Sheen's negative image is because it increases their profit and Charlie Sheen has not violated the site's terms of service. During his Ustream.com live rants Charlie Sheen is always telling his fans how to not only conduct themselves but that he is a great Mesiah which is why they should continue to support him. Despite Charlie Sheen telling his fans how to behave,

Interviews On Charlie Sheen and Propaganda

1. What do you think about Charlie Sheen and why?

Person A: Charlie sheen is Amazing bc he makes his own rules and he never gets in trouble never gets usted for drugs Person B He did everything he had so much money from being a successful actor and needed new things to try so he started becoming a drug addict and he couldn’t handle it 1. Do you believe his erratic behavior is due to how CBS executives treated him or his constant drug use? Person A- Combination of both but I think his losses was catalyst to his behavior. Person B- No I think they were hyping it up and he loved the attention 2. Do you think he’s using the source the right way Person A- Yes, by default he’s using the best method there is no other method Person B- Yes and no because one way he gets to express his feelings and no because even though he feels ok about it but he is giving people the wrong impression 3. Do you think he sways the public to believe his propaganda. Person A- I think hes shown the ugly side of Hollywood you can say it’s a ruthless business. Person B- yes 4. Do u think that Charlie Sheen's Ustream video has helped his propaganda or hurt his propaganda Person A- I think it has helped and proven that he has made 7 mill doin a comedy tour in a month Person B- It helps because he is still famous to the public but it hurts because it gives him a bad image 5. do u think the reason Charlie Sheen's has kept visitation rights of his twins is b/c he is a rich white man (aka child services hasn't been called) Person A- yes, and because he’s awesome if he was black or minority his kids would be in foster care Person B- Yes because if your famous and wealthy it helps for alot 6. Do you think charlie sheen publicist stays on direct correlation to have Hollywood doesn’t care about you only if you can make them money ? Person A- yes, because hes a drug addict so why would you support a drug addict un less they can make you a profit Person B- Yes because people in that class only do stuff for others that can help them in exchange, in this situation it’s a crazy person buyt a lot of money is involved. 7. With the way he lives how do you feel about him giving his fans advice? Person A- I think he don’t should give advice on how to live but I think hes a prime example of how positive thinking should work 8. Do u think that Charlie Sheen deserves to get a raise (aka 3 million an episode)- Person A- yes Person B- no 9. Do you believe he embodies the American dream/spirit? Person A Yes I think he has that I can do anything attitude and that anything is possible. Person B Yeah in Hollywood life

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