Bridgestone Beaver AD

The overall plot of the ad is that a man saves a beavers life by turning sharply and avoiding hitting the beaver who was in the middle of the road because of his Bridgestone tires and in turn 6 months later thanks to the immaculate photographic memory of the beaver, it saves the mans life by making a tree fall in front of the car which in turn prevented him from venturing on to a bridge which had collapsed. Clearly the beaver also had mass confidence in this mans tires yet again by Bridgestone and intellect to knock a tree down in front of his vehicle to save his life. In this primary demand ad the product being advertised is Bridgestone tires and the premise is that the tires work well in sharp turning situations and as brakes as highlighted in both situations. The targeted audience would be anyone with a vehicle who may or may not live in a rural area of the country.

Doritos Healing Ad

The idea behind this Doritos ad is that a friend who is supposed to remember to water his friends plant and feed his goldfish while hes gone forgets to until the last day. He scrambles to salvage what he's done and opts to feed the dead fish Doritos who then comes back to life. He also pours some Doritos on the plant which instantly returns to its floral prime and then finally in what is the most comedic scene of the ad, he accidentally drops his friends urn which contains his late grandfather and sure enough once his friend returns his grandfather is back eating Doritos healthy as ever. This ads targeted audience is most likely towards anyone who enjoys chips and snacks.

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Compare and Contrast

“Advertising is any form of non personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, and services, paid for by the identified sponsor” (pg. 362). Advertisements are the driving force in what pays for television today. The coveted 60 seconds during any part of the corporate advertising escapade that is the Superbowl is a clear reminder of the importance of ads to television today. Doritos, a snack brand has been around for almost 50 years is no stranger to Superbowl advertising and frequently promotes itself as the premier snack during football games and all sporting events. Bridgestone a relatively smaller corporation is a tire company which uses humor to promote its goods and reach out to the public and above are just 2 ads of several both corporations put forward during the Superbowl. Both ads are consumer advertising because they are targeted towards all consumers that they apply to. Both are selective demand ads which means that they are advertising for their brand only. For example there was a vehicle in the Bridgestone commercial but no credit was given to the driver or vehicle for the sharp turn and abrupt brake. They were attributed to the tires and tires only. Through exaggeration and comedy both ads show how life can be won or lost based on the products they are advertising.

Both are also indirect action ads because they help the company's image in the long run as these companies advertise on television frequently with similar exaggerated ads therefore the consumer begins to get familiar with the kind of ads they can expect from these brands." An indirect action ad works over the long run to build a company’s image and increase consumer awareness." (Dominick, 2010). Both also take advantage of viral advertising which is the technique of creating extremely comedic or compelling ads that although are unrealistic compel the consumer to share the ad with peers as well as take a interest in what goes on in the ad as well as what it is promoting. "If the technique is successful, word spreads rapidly to a large amount of people, much like a virus." (Dominick, 2011, p. 345). Thus leading to increased attention and views for the ad whether for entertainment purposes or not. Both Companies are national Advertisers and sell to consumers all around the country.
The differences that can be highlighted between the 2 ads can be narrowed down to the target audiences and the products being sold. Although using similar advertising techniques, The Doritos ad can apply to kids as well as adults who can afford to snack barring any health concerns whereas tires could only apply to those who have vehicles.

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