• The first thing that grabbed my attention with the Volkswagen commercial was the iconic Star Wars song. Music can really help advertisers target consumers to either help relate a popular song or perhaps to get that catchy tune stuck in your head so you're thinking about it for days. Both ads used two well-known songs and featured the faces that go with the music.
    • Both commercials selectively demand its audiences to buy this car because of a certain special feature. In Chrysler's case, that special feature is YOU. If you're a hardworking, average American, you deserve the most luxurious car too! (and look Eminem drives one as well). For two minutes the deep-voiced narrator eggs us on to question ourselves, to hone in on how great Detroit is and to remind us that we are all deserving and equal by categorizing us as ''folks." The commercial has a serious tone, and shows the car driving at night and through the rain, to further enhance the seriousness of this shiny black car. The VW's purpose focuses on how special the car is. It's has powers! You can press one little button and all of the sudden your car turns on. It's ''force'' is so great, even mini Darth Vadar surprises himself when he finally gets it to rev up. The commercial is playful. the bite-sized and infamous villain targets families and children (because the Passat can be a family car). Without any narration, the point of the commercial is crystal clear right at the end when Darth Vadar's hard work finally pays off.
    • Another common advertising tactic is the quick glimpse at the very end of each commercial to further promote the product. With the Chrysler ad, it's plain and simple. It lets us know that the car has arrived and is imported from (you guessed it) Detroit. At the end of the VW commercial it flashes a starting price for the all new 2012 Passat and of course, the ''Das Auto'' logo. By showing the starting price, it lets the consumer immediately decide, "no way I can't afford that", or "wow, that is in my price range", which can lead to an appointment at their local dealership the next day.
    • Overall the two ads are attempting to promote a certain type of car (Chrysler 200 and 2012 Passat), to sell brand new, powerful and luxurious vehicles to deserving or perhaps family-oriented people. Both ads use popular songs and well-known media figures to attract a wider range of consumers. Chrysler uses the rapper Eminem because he is a Motor-City native while VW uses a mini Darth Vadar because it's cute and he's powerful. The seriousness of the Chrysler ad targets serious buyers who could see the commercial and think "hey, I'm hardworking, I'm from Detroit, I deserve a nice, shiny black car like my favorite rapper." Whereas someone who sees the VW commercial could think "Hey, I love Star Wars, and I love that I only have to press one magical button to turn my car on. Maybe my kids will think I possess powers too!" (or vice versa).
    • That's the power of advertising. There's so many ways to entice, appeal, promote and sell a brand name product. In this example, these two commercials look very different, but overall have the same exact purpose. BUY THIS GREAT CAR!
  • Advertisements have been around for a while and can date back to thousands of years. In recent times it started to get popular when Gutenberg invented the printing press. This made way for new advertising media such as posters and newspaper ads. Fast Forwarding to the 21st century advertisement can come from more than just a simple poster or handbill; now you can find it on the internet, cell phones, and commercials. As time goes by advertisers are continuing to find new ways to reach a variety of audiences all over the world.

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  • One of the most popular times for advertisement is the Super Bowl. According to the NY Times the Super Bowl is the biggest day for advertising; advertisers present a lineup of standout commercials which are engaging funny and entertaining. It is a time where viewers actually watch them instead of turning the channel. What better than to put you’re commercial on Super Bowl Sunday seeing that it draws some of the biggest television ratings every year. With numbers that could reach up to 90 million viewers, advertisers feel that it is worth putting up a couple million for a couple seconds just to get their message across. This year the Super Bowl was one of the most programs in the history of television; so many commercials were introduced to millions of people all over. With that said even though these commercials may be only 30 seconds a lot goes into those 30 seconds to make sure an important message gets across to everyone. Key concepts are covered in these commercials; some of them are reached successfully some turn out as a failure

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  • This year Chrysler tried to make a big appearance on television with their commercial. It had a great theme to it by using a good marketing such as filming it in the Motor City itself Detroit, Michigan and featuring the famous rapper himself Eminem who is a Detroit Native. I’m pretty there are some people out there that immediately wanted the car because their favorite celebrity was driving it so that made them feel like they needed to have that same car as well. The creativity was very appealing to viewers due to its scripting, production, setting, and its overall message. Detroit is known as the Motor City as Eminem is driving the vehicle various images are shown of the city of what it really is. It shows the abandoned buildings, the downtown scenery, and the hardworking people in the city and some of Eminem’s music to go along in the background. The commercial was definitely appealing enough to be talked about all over the internet and in news papers especially sense it was nationally televised for everyone to see.

  • Even though the commercial was about the new Chrysler, the message looked more so about Detroit. They were selling the car but also getting the message across that Detroit is still the Motor capital. I more so got the message about the hardship of the city, where it came from to where it is now, more than learning about the car itself. There was also a narrator throughout the commercial who didn’t even explain any info about the car a consumer might want to know; for example the prices, miles per gallon, engine style, and money back. People would just be watching the commercial for materialistic purpose and lifestyle. Seeing as the longest commercial at two minutes it went over the limit for commercial, Chrysler put out millions of dollars for that amount of time, only for the Super Bowl; later they’ll edit it for regular television programs.

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