Building a Street Team by Linda Suh

Many musicians and labels are relying on a type of marketing that does not involve them directly. They are resorting to street teaming which “is essential when it comes to grass roots marketing and creating awareness." In Katie VanSlack’s “Building A Street Team,” VanSlack discusses the vital components in having a successful street team. To start a street team companies need a group of individuals that are willing to work towards success for the label, musician, or the goal at hand. “You need to find about five to 10 people who love your music and genuinely want to see you succeed.” Without this the drive that these five to ten people will eventually fade especially since most street teams are unpaid.

Since most street teams are unpaid because it is more of a volunteer job for all of the members on the street team. But this does not mean that the members walk away empty handed. Most labels and bands give away T-shirts, CDs, concert tickets, etc for members. Even though most members state that they are only doing it to support the bands and label. Which emphasizes finding street team members that have the drive to work for the success of the label and band.

Since the street teams are groups that will create a buzz they usually focus on work from handing out flyers, putting up posters, selling CDs, sending E-blasts, and etc. Street teams are usually heavily focused in major cities because that is where they can reach the most people. It is most important that instead of the tools being passed around it is about getting the message out there and leaving an impression. Having a street team that is enthusiastic about the work being produced means that this will be contagious to the masses, which will create more of a buzz. This will be the key to having a successful street team.

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